What's on my dashboard?

First of all, welcome to Seneca Hue! on your dashboard, you will find three areas:

1. Content related to the module you're interested in

When you signed up for the app, you selected a primary area of interest. The top section of your dashboard will display all content falling under this area of interest. 
The content is available in a number of formats like video, audio, article, quiz, micro-commitment, and challenge. Click on any card and you will be directed to that content. 

2. Explore other areas of D&I

The section after the content will give you opportunities to explore other D&I topics that you might be interested in. Simply click on any card to watch an intro video, and unlock the content falling under that D&I topic.

3. Give it a second look

Once you watch any content, the card for that content on your dashboard moves down to this section. This ensures that as a user, you see what you haven't explored at the top of your dashboard, while still retaining access to previously viewed deliverables.