How do I make a micro-commitment?

So you want to make a micro-commitment. We are here to help you.

Once you click on the 'Make a micro-commitment' button on your dashboard, there are two ways you will make your micro-commitments.

1. Making a micro-commitment for the first or second time:

For the first two times that you make micro-commitments, we want to help you by providing examples of simple actions. 

Click on the dropdown 'Select your option' to view pre-populated prompts. Select any one action that you would like to take. 
After selecting an action, set an end date or a deadline by clicking on the calendar icon in the next blank. This serves as the deadline by which you set a goal to complete your micro-commitment. 

Click on the button 'Let's do it', and get started. 

2. Making a micro-commitment after the first two times:

Once you get a hang of making small, attainable micro-commitments to yourself, you can create your own micro-commitments.

Type your micro-commitment statement in the textbox. Set a target completion date by clicking on the calendar icon, and click on the button 'Let's do it'. 

You're all set!